Terms & Conditions

These Terms and conditions must be viewed in the context of Throw No More’s privacy policy. This form is available under the “Privacy and security” tab in the application. Or on our website www.thrownomore.no. Both forms must be confirmed in order to use the service.

1. Purpose of the Throw No More app

The Throw No More app (hereinafter “the Service”) is a digital service that gives end users (hereinafter “users”) an overview of what grocery stores have at a discounted price, either because they are approaching their expiration date or because they for other reasons cannot be sold at full price. The purpose of the service is to reduce food waste in grocery stores, by giving users an overview of these items. Users can then go to the store and purchase the discounted items that are shown in the app. In this way, these items are sold instead of ending up as food waste.

1.1 How the service works

  • The user downloads the service (app) in Google Play® or AppStore®.
  • After confirming these Terms and Conditions and the User Policies, and approving use of location, the grocery stores near the user shows in the service.
  • The user can see a list of stores that have discounted groceries and can choose their favorite stores.
  • The user can see which groceries the store has at a discounted price, with original price, current price and the number of groceries left.
  • Then the user can find the store in the map and get directions. The distance is shown in air distance until the user presses “Navigate to”. Therefore, the distance to store in the map may vary
  • from the distance shown in the service.
  • Finally, the user can go to the store and buy the groceries at a discounted price, and avoid the food ending up as waste.

2. Legal ownership

The Throw No More app is owned by Throw No More AS, hereinafter called “Throw No More”. Organization number: 917245444. Address: Technopolis Fornebu, Martin Linges vei 17 – 25, 1364 Fornebu.

3.Rights to Throw No More

Throw No More and its services, content, editorial content, features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Throw No More AS.

4. Use of the service

4.1 Cost of use

There is no cost of using the app except using your mobile phone and mobile data. In order to use the service, Internet access is required, this usage is billed from your mobile service provider and is outside Throw No More’s area of ​​responsibility. The price of data traffic depends on mobile subscriptions and may vary.

4.2 Access to the Service

The service will normally be available every day, all 24 hours. If errors occur during a period of unattended operation, ie outside normal working hours, error correction may not be initiated until the next working day. The error correction time limit depends on how critical the error is. The service can be canceled without notice, for maintenance.

4.3 Consumer behavior

When visiting the store as a result of using the service, Throw No More asks the user to show respect for the store’s other customers and employees.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1 Transaction

Throw No More is not a party in the transaction of goods between buyer (user) and seller (store). The food purchasing takes place in accordance with the shop’s terms of purchase.

5.2 Available Goods

Throw No More is not responsible or liable for the availability of products in the stores. We strive that the number of products in the app at all times matches the store’s product data. However, we cannot guarantee that other customers in the store does not have the groceries in their basket, or similarly.

5.3 Condition of groceries

Throw No More is not responsible for the condition of the groceries when the user comes to the store. The stores adhere to their regulations regarding discounted groceries, regardless of Throw No More’s service. Throw No More will not in any way handle or be responsible for the production, storage, ingredients, allergies, packaging, processing, purchase, sale or other handling of products.

Any complaints about the condition of the product must therefore be addressed to the store. Then again, Throw No More requests that the user show respect for the stores and their employees.

5.4 Service performance

The service is subject to strict security and service requirements. Nevertheless, Throw No More cannot guarantee that the service is free of errors or accessible to the user at all times.

Throw No More is not responsible or liable of failure or non-compliance with respect to its services if such failure is caused by circumstances outside Throw No More’s control. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, disruptions in the operation of Throw No More and/or the store as a result of legislation, acts of state or public authorities, acts of war, terrorism, strikes, physical blockades, pandemics and natural disasters.

6. Change of Terms and Conditions

Updated Terms and Conditions are available at all times in the app under “Terms and Conditions” and on our website www.thrownomore.no. The user will be notified when the Terms and Conditions are changed.

7. Governing law

Terms of Use are governed by and should be construed in accordance with Norwegian law.


Last updated: 27.03.2020

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