Frequently asked questions by retailers.

Q: Does your system work with our inventory?

Yes, we’ve developed an enterprise-level app with full integration options that will sync with almost any inventory/POS system. We’re here to reduce your burden and make things as convenient as possible.

Q: How long does it take to get setup?

Every group has different systems and requirements. We assess your needs and provide a detailed breakdown of requirements for setup and launch. If you are interested in using our App to reduce foodwaste, get in touch.

Q: Can product be manually added to your App?

Yes, although we highly suggest using our scanner app, you can definitely post product to the Throw no more App manually. You will need to follow our guidelines (provided on request) to ensure you are compliant with our posting requirements.

Q: How much does Throw no more cost?

While the Throw no more App is free for consumers, we have customized pricing options available based on several factors, including: Number of stores, Location of stores, Size of stores and Complexity of IT setup. Get in touch with us for more specific information.

Are you someone who wants to save money while reducing foodwaste?

Are you a retailer who wants to reduce their waste and attract more customers?