Frequently asked questions by consumers.

Q: When will the App be available to download?

The Throw no more App is in the final stages of development. But more importantly, we are working diligently to on-board retailers across the country. We do not have a confirmed launch date as of yet, but if you are interested in getting the App, you can subscribe to our mailing list.

Q: Which stores are participating in Throw no more?

We will be posting a list of all stores/chains and locations that are participating in the program.

Q: Can I purchase directly in the App?

No, the Throw no more App is aimed at notifying and showcasing food that needs to be sold or risk being thrown out. You will need to purchase and pickup the food items in-store.

Q: Does Throw no more track my data?

Throw no more aims to be completely GDPR compliant. We will be rolling out comprehensive policies about personal data and privacy closer to the launch date of the App.

Are you someone who wants to save money while reducing foodwaste?

Are you a retailer who wants to reduce their waste and attract more customers?