Founded by environmentally conscious people in Norway in Canada.

Throw no more has teams across Europe and North America working diligently to bring the app across the globe.

Aaron Kinder CEO | Canada

Aaron Kinder joined Throw No More as the CEO in Canada to take the product to market in North America.

Kamran Awan Controller | Canada

Kamran has worked for over 15 years in different industries with intensive accounting and finance background. His expertise extends into business development, financial modeling, research and analytical skills.

Devon Bortscher Marketing Director | Canada

Devon is an experienced strategist focused on all things marketing. He’s environmentally conscious and hopes to do a small part in helping the environment.

Kurt Falch Stokke CEO | Norway

Kurt is the founder and idealist behind Throw no more. He is an entrepreneur focused on reducing our global environmental footprint.

Bjørn Nese CTO | Norway

Bjørn is an enterprise-level integration expert who has worked with large companies around the globe with complicated digital integration solutions.

Ulf Rasmussen Co-Founder | Norway

Ulf is the Co-Founder and and business developer for Throw no more.

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